Nascentia Health Launches Managed Long Term Care Plan


SYRACUSE, NEW YORK — Nascentia Health has announced that March 1, 2013 marked the launch of member enrollment in their new Managed Long Term Care Plan (MLTC), Nascentia Health Options. The Medicaid plan assists chronically ill or disabled individuals who require health and long term care services.

MLTC plans receive a monthly risk-adjusted capitation payment from New York State Medicaid to pay for a range of home and community-based services. The benefit package includes home care, personal care, social supports, and transportation services. The costs for skilled nursing facility services are included in the capitation payment, providing financial incentive for the plans to keep members healthy and living in the community. Nascentia Health Options will manage the delivery of all services and care.

“We are 100% committed to proactively and quickly meeting marketplace needs and changes. Maintaining continuity of care is one of the essential components of the plan, making it possible for members to remain healthy, safe and independent in their homes. Having a local organization with a proven track record and the benefit of already having strong working relationships with resources throughout the community is the best course of action for achieving that,” said M. Kate Rolf, President and CEO of Nascentia Health. “It’s incumbent upon us to make certain that the community has access to a local organization that can readily manage and care for their needs. Our presence will ensure consistency and continuity of care for patients.”

Managed long term care is part of New York State’s Medicaid Redesign Initiative of transitioning the Medicaid system from a fee-for-service environment to a managed care environment requiring mandatory patient enrollment (MRT-90) in a managed, long term care plan. The five-phase implementation of MRT-90 is slated for completion in 2014. The transition began in New York City and will continue throughout the State as Plan capacity is developed. More than 85,000 New Yorkers are currently enrolled in MLTC plans. A report issued by the New York State Department of Health shows that 90 percent of statewide enrollees improved their condition or remained stable.

Nascentia Health Options is the newest and one of five entities that comprise Nascentia Health, the d/b/a for Home Care of Central New York. Nascentia Health’s eldest division, the Visiting Nurse Association of Central New York was founded in 1890 and is the oldest certified home care agency in Onondaga County. “The experience we have in serving the community coupled with our commitment to develop and reshape programming to best meet their needs, gives us a strong competitive advantage. Our focus has always been on collaborating with community partners to meet local needs, and through the implementation of our MLTC, our residents can be assured that their care will remain locally-based,” said Ms. Rolf. “With Nascentia Health Options, members are able to keep their primary care physician, which is another critical component to the continuity of care piece.”

Nascentia Health Options has been approved to operate in Onondaga, Cayuga, Jefferson, Madison and Oswego counties. Enrollment in Onondaga County began in March, with the other counties to begin enrollment in the coming months. Central New York residents are eligible to enroll if they are age 18 or older, have a chronic disease or disability that makes them eligible for nursing home level of care, are expected to need long term care services for at least 120 days from date of enrollment, can stay safely at home and in the community at time of enrollment and are Medicaid-eligible.

Information about Nascentia Health Options or enrollment is available by calling 315.477.9500.


About Nascentia Health
Nascentia Health provides comprehensive, cohesive medical and non-medical home care for all stages of life – from prenatal care to care for young families to rehabilitation, long term and end-of-life care. The organization is committed to making a profound difference in the lives of its patients by providing expert, high-quality care where they want it most, in their homes. Nascentia Health’s goal is to deliver an unprecedented level of care specifically designed to meet the needs of its patients. The organization’s focused approach improves the quality of each patient’s life, and helps each individual achieve maximum independence.

Nascentia Health is comprised of the Visiting Nurse Association of Central New York, The VNA Foundation of Central New York, CCH Home Care & Palliative Services, Independent Health Care Services, and Nascentia Health Options.