frequently asked questions

question markQ: What is Nascentia Health Options?
A:  Nascentia Health Options is a managed long term care (MLTC) Medicaid plan which provides care to people who wish to remain in their homes, and who are 18 or older. Nascentia Health Options covers a broad scope of services, including home, community and nursing home based care. We’ll provide you with a specially designed plan of services, and we’ll offer you a choice as to where and how you get the help you need to stay at home. We work with you and your physicians to coordinate your in-home care. Because it is a part of Nascentia Health, Nascentia Health Options is able to provide a full range of services so you receive all the care you need at home.

Q. Who is eligible for Nascentia Health Options?
A.    You are eligible for Nascentia Health Options if the following criteria applies to you:

  • You have a chronic illness or disability that makes you eligible for services usually provided in a nursing home;
  • You are able to stay safely at home at the time you join the plan;
  • You are expected to need long term care services for at least 120 days from the date you enroll;
  • You meet the age requirement of the plan;
  • You live in the area served by the plan;
  • You have or are willing to change to a doctor who is willing to work with the plan; and
  • You have a way of paying that is accepted by the plan, such as Medicaid/Medicare.

Q. Will I be able to get all the care I need all in one place?
A.    Because Nascentia Health Options is a part of Nascentia Health, Central New York’s premier homecare service provider, you’ll be able to get all the care you need, all in one place. We’ll give you the options you need to manage your health care. Our one-stop care coordination means that you’ll be able to focus on your health and wellness.

Q. Will I be able to keep my current physician and other healthcare providers?
A.    With Nascentia Health Options, there’s no need to change your primary care physician and other healthcare providers. We work with a vast network of physicians and providers, so you’ll be able to maintain a relationship with the caregiver you choose.

Q. Transportation to and from appointments can be a challenge for me. Can Nascentia Health Options help?
A.    Managing your health care is easier with Nascentia Health Options, because we not only provide quality in-home care, but also transportation to and from medical appointments. So whether you need to see your primary care physician or another health care provider, we’ll coordinate your appointment – and make sure you arrive there safely.

Q. How do I enroll for managed long term care services through Nascentia Health Options?
A.    We make the enrollment process as simple as possible. Our knowledgeable enrollment specialists will work with you and will explain your membership in Nascentia Health Options to you. You can easily contact us by calling us at 1.888.477.HOME (TTY/TDD: 711), or by filling out our convenient form on our website.

Q. Do I have to enroll in Nascentia Health Options?
A.    Please remember, your membership in Nascentia Health Options is strictly voluntary, and you can choose to end your membership at any time.

Q. Where can I learn more about Nascentia Health Options?
A. Please feel free to explore this website to learn more about Nascentia Health Options. To find out more about how Nascentia Health Options can help you manage your care and stay safely in your home, contact us at 1.888.477.HOME (TTY/TDD: 711), and one of our friendly, caring representatives will be happy to assist you.