Plan Basics

close up of nurse holding elderly person's hand Who benefits from Managed Long-Term Care?
Managed long-term care (MLTC) helps those who are Medicaid-eligible, chronically ill or disabled and who need health and long-term care services be able to stay in their homes.

What kinds of services are provided?
A MLTC plan helps to arrange for the services needed, such as in-home care or adult daycare. In addition, a MLTC plan also provides members with many easy-to-obtain options, because the care they need is in one place and is arranged by one provider.

Managed long-term care plans offer a wide array of services, including both medical and non-medical care.

MLTC plans offer long-term care services, like in-home care and nursing home care, as well as other services, like vision, podiatry, dentistry and, should it be needed, transportation to and from medical appointments.

How are these services paid for?
These services are paid for through Medicaid.

What are the requirements for managed long-term care?
In order to qualify for a MLTC plan, individuals must meet certain eligibility criteria, and must qualify for nursing home level of care which in some cases may be required. Learn about eligibility requirements for managed long-term care.

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