Home Safety Modifications for Medicaid Beneficiaries across New York State

installing bathroom safety modifications

When you become a Member of Nascentia Health Options, you'll have access to the home safety modifications you need. Nascentia Health Options offers a healthcare plan for Medicaid beneficiaries living throughout New York State.

A large part of being able to stay in your home is safety. It is a top priority of Nascentia Health Options to make sure that your home is as safe for you as possible. As part of your managed long-term care (MLTC) plan, skilled therapists can do a thorough assessment of your or your loved one’s home setting and physical layout. They will identify if there are safety risks that can be corrected and assist in creating a more accessible or more convenient setup for optimal functionality.

These home safety modification services are offered as part of our managed long-term care plan, which includes in-home and long-term healthcare for our Members. Find out if you are eligible to join and have a caring representative contact you.

Home safety modifications for our Members include the following:

  • Bathroom Modifications
  • Grab Bars
  • Home Safety Assessment
  • Shower Modifications
  • Wheelchair Ramps